Photographer: Samin Ghiasi

I begin with a photograph of myself, for no other reason than it aiding awkward introduction. I am Jaymie; a historian, a poet and a practising witch.

I have decided to start a blog in hope that it will act as a platform for my writing and research. I will be sharing (as often as possible) my own original poetry, short stories and other creative discourse surrounding my interests

A Historian; I’ll be recounting the first 3 years of my Undergraduate History BA at Goldsmiths, University of London, whilst presenting the research and assignments I am currently undertaking for my final year and dissertation subject.

A Poet; Writing – especially poetry – is my favourite past time and is something that I wish to turn into a life style. I’ll be sharing as much poetry and short stories as time allows, whilst documenting the application process on which I’m about to embark for the Creative Writing Masters degree programme, again at Goldsmiths, UoL (I am extremely loyal).

A Witch; I identify as pagan and I work closely with Hekate in my ritual and spell work. I’d like to use this blog as a way to demonstrate what terms like ‘ritual’ and ‘spellwork’ mean to the modern witch, beyond the realms of Harry Potter and Sabrina.