The First Post


I suppose I should begin by informing you of my purpose; a personal blog relating to, well, me. Now this may seem straight forward, but like every other living being on this planet, I am unique, which also means I’m not. My aim is to be able to share with you – anonymous reader – my passions, my experiences, my questions, my unwavering curiosity of the universe, and sometimes my answers, if they apply. There is safety behind a screen, and perhaps this is why I selected blogging as the way to bare my soul. I expect there will be repetitive themes based on my personal interests like mental health, history, poetry, art, BDSM, and lot’s of cats and alpacas. You will learn about the things I love and the people that I’m lucky enough to surround myself with. I will share my highs and lows, and hope that in both I am able to reach those who are also feeling lost and trying their best to work their way through this elaborately constructed labyrinth of living.

This is the start of my healing, welcome to the journey

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